CEO Founder Joseph Leyva


Why choose our firm? At Leyva Group, we pride ourselves on having an overall understanding of how to manage our client's needs in development and building. As your partner, we provide you with the team, the experience, resources, relationships & banking referrals needed to see your project to fruition.

CEO, and Founder Joseph Leyva, personally meets with all of our clients and maps out the process of meeting their goals. From building custom homes to small retail strip malls, Joseph Leyva works with each individual client as if they were the only client. As a boutique firm, we offer one on one service to our clients while bringing large market experience and expertise.

If you're looking for a company with exceptional market expertise to help you achieve your dream home or small commercial project, Leyva Group is your firm.


The Leyva Group, LLC is a strategic building and development boutique firm founded by Joseph Leyva over 18 years ago. From day one, we have strived to be the go to partner and builder for our clients.  The economic downturn in 2007 sent millions of businesses into turmoil & created a critical need for reorganization & restructuring most of the real estate investors and owners. At Leyva Group, we met this challenge head on & successfully guided our clients through these challenging economic times by providing ongoing consultation & sound business strategies.